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PostgreSQL Manager for Linux 1.4 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 1.4 for Linux?

1. We have improved the compatibility with different Linux versions.

2. SSL connections management is supported now.

3. We have added the support of array field types in the data editing window.

4. We have added the possibility to enter a unix-socket instead of the port number like "/tmp/mysql.sock", i.e. to connect to the local server with disabled TCP/IP.

5. We have implemented an installer. The program is distributed as a sh-script now instead of archives.

6. Several bugfixes in design: displaced fonts, wrong control sizes, invisible combo box captions, etc.

7. Closing the help file often caused the program hang-up. Fixed now.

8. The majority of open/save dialogs didn't show files due to the incorrect filters. The problem is solved.

9. We have significantly improved the usability of .txt files importing page.

10. Fixed the bug with SQL-Monitor. Now it works correctly after reopening.

11. Several serious errors in print preview window are fixed now.

12. The bug in register database window caused the 'out of bounds' message. Fixed now.

13. Fixed the bug with data editing in tables with bigint fields.

14. The problem with execution of the scripts with '--' comments is fixed now.