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QuickDesk 1.6.5 released.

Changes in version 1.6.5
In this version we have included a test variant of the stored procedures debugger.
During the work of the debugger no extraneous objects are created in a database, only SQL-statements are being used, which has allowed us to maximally speed up the work of the debugger.

In the current version of the debugger there exist the following restrictions:

  1. "Trace Into" mode is not supported
  2. The execution of statements WHEN : DO is not supported.
  3. Some service opportunities are not realized.

The debugger opportunities:

  1. Step-by-step execution of the stored procedure.
  2. Modification of input parameters and internal variables values at any stage of debugging.
  3. Viewing the results of the stored procedure execution.
  4. Viewing the values of input and output parameters and internal variables.
  5. Opportunity of using breakpoints during a procedure debugging.
  6. Opportunity of updating the text of the procedure being debugged.

Working with the debugger

  1. Debugger is called from stored procedures editor - Debug Procedure button.
  2. Toggle breakpoint - F5.
  3. Step-by-step execution - F8.
  4. Continuous execution - F9.
  5. You can modify the variables and parameters values in the list of variables and parameters by double clicking on the appropriate line or by pressing Enter.
  6. Preparation of a procedure for execution - Ctrl+F2.
  7. Stop the procedure execution - Ctrl+P.


While working with the debugger, all SQL-statements are executed within one transaction. When the procedure execution is completed or when the debugger window is closed, this transaction IS ROLLED BACK automatically. In the future we plan to fulfill the opportunity of confirmation of the changes being made.