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Data Import utilities 1.5 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL Import, MySQL Import, DB2 Import, PostgreSQL Import, and InterBase/Firebird Import.

What is new in version 1.5?

1. Now you can import data from multiple Excel sheets.

2. We have implemented an ability to import data from Excel formulas. Now you can import data from calculated Excel fields as easy as from common fields.

3. Now Import utilities support XML documents. With this version you can import data from XML tables using our wizard and console applications.

4. Import from Excel: Now you can easily define import ranges using the new Ranges dialog window. See help for details.

5. We have simplified replacement definition with a new dialog. You can also use a new Ignore Case option to define case-sensitivity for replacement.

6. Now you can define values to interpret as NULLs. Use the new Null Values list for this purpose.

7. Now console applications report about the import process.

8. Some small improvements and bug fixes.