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IB Manager 3.7 released.

What's new in IB Manager 3.7?

1. We have significantly improved the Export Dialog. Now you can add notes, hyperlinks, and charts based on exported data to Excel documents. You can also define graphical styles for column captions, data, footer, and header on export to RTF documents. A possibility to define strip styles is also included.

2. We have implemented the Dependency Tree tool. Now you can view all the object dependencies in one diagram. To call this tool use the Tools | Dependency Tree menu item, or the proper button in the toolbar of any object editor.

3. Now the Register Database dialog supports .fdb files.

4. We have implemented BIGINT field support for Firebird 1.5.

5. Edit Field: Now you can add a primary key using the Edit Field dialog if the table has no primary key.

6. Extract Metadata: We have added the ability to extract views in a user defined order.

7. Editor Options: We have added a new option allowing you to define if keyboard templates apply in comment blocks or not.

8. We have added the "Number of dropping down items from object list in an editor window" option on the Windows tab of the Environment Options dialog. This option defines how many objects are displayed in the drop-down list of objects on the toolbar of any object editor.

9. HTML Report: BIGINT fields and Universal triggers are shown correctly now.

10. A bug with using universal triggers in Firebird 1.5 is fixed.

11. Import from MS Access: One table appeared several times in the table list. Now it is fixed.

12. Several minor improvements and bug fixes.