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DBISAM Manager 1.3 released.

What's new in DBISAM Manager 1.3?

1. We have implemented the DBISAM Server v4 support. Now you can work with your DBISAM 4 server using our powerful tool.

2. Now you can upgrade your DBISAM tables from version 3 to version 4 using the new Upgrade Tables service. See the DBISAM Manager Help for details.

3. We have implemented the Backup Tables service. Now you can create reserve copies of your database tables using our tool.

4. Now you can restore backups using the new Restore Tables service.

5. The Procedure Manager is implemented. Use it to manage DBISAM Server procedures visually.

6. Now DBISAM Manager allows you to manage DBISAM Server events. We have implemented the Scheduled Event Manager for this purpose.

7. Improved Data Export and Data Import Wizards. Now you can add charts based on exported data to Excel documents and import data from Excel sheets and XML files.

8. Fixed bug with saving the TextIndex in the Table Properties dialog.

9. Fixed bug with editing users in the User Manager.

10. Some small improvements and bug fixes.