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PostgreSQL Manager 1.8.5 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.8.5?

1.  Now you can view and edit BYTEA and VARCHAR fields using BLOB Editor. 
2.  Extract Metadata: Foreign keys was not included to the result script for PostgreSQL 7.3 in some cases. Now it is fixed. 
3.  Fixed bug with converting object name to lower case on its opening if the "Convert created object's names to lower case" option is checked. 
4.  Fixed bug with Print View for A4 sheet format. 

5.  The "ERROR: CreateTrigger: function xxx() does not exist" error on creating trigger based on created function doesn't appear any more. 
6.  Now you need to confirm deletion of the record selected in data grid. 
7.  Wrong scripts were generated during work with the database if the Register Database dialog was opened an closed by pressing Cancel button. 
8.  Fixed bug with cutting off the values of string fields with multibyte encoding. 
9.  Field Editor: Wrong script was generated on dropping the Unique and the Primary key flags. Now it is fixed. 
10.  Fixed bug with incorrect script generation on creating/editing rule with NOTHING action keyword. 
11.  The program startup speed was significantly increased. 

12.  The "Data operations in menu" option was added to Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog. 
13.  Insight List: The list of table fields or namespace objects was not opened in some cases. Now this bug is fixed. 
14.  Fixed bug with window positions on changing the environment style from MDI to Floating Windows. 
15.  Extract Metadata loads templates correctly now. 
16.  SQL Script now correctly builds object tree for scripts containing objects with names which differ from each other only in char cases. 
17.  Now on opening table editors in MDI style the current tab is restored from the previous session. 
18.  Fixed bug with opening editor window after the object duplication. 
19.  Error message doesn't appear any more on printing text containing the "[" and "]" symbols from text editor. 
20.  DB Explorer: Now all items in Data Manipulation menu works correctly for views. 
21.  Now Print Metadata form restores its size and position. 
22.  Some small bugfixes and improvements.