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MySQL Manager 2.3 for Windows released.

What's new in MySQL Manager?

1. We have implemented a new tool - Transfer Database Wizard. Now you can easily transfer one database's metadata and data to another as a whole or partially. MySQL Manager provides easy-to-use wizard for this purpose, which is available via the "Tools -> Transfer Database..." menu item. (*)

2. Visual Database Designer: we have added a possibility to extract metadata for the current diagram. Click the Extract Metadata button to open the diagram script in the SQL Script. (*)

3. Import Data Wizard: now you can log all the SQL commands executed during the import process into a file. Use the 'Enable SQL Log' option on the last step of the wizard for this purpose. (*)



4. We have added a possibility to hide the explorer window in all table editors. Set the "Environment Options -> Tools -> Table -> Show Object Explorer" option off for this purpose.



5. Import Data Wizard: the import process uses much less memory by calling the SELECT ... LIMIT 0 statement every time the wizard commits changes. Import speed is also significantly improved especially for large source files. (*)



6. Fixed bug with impossibility to specify NULL as a default value for the ENUM type.



7. Extract Metadata Wizard restores the data table list from the template correctly now.



8. Export Data Dialog: data exported to MS Access table started to print even if the corresponding option was unchecked. Now it is fixed. (*)



9. Fixed bug with impossibility to close all database windows by choosing the corresponding menu item from the window list.



10. Fixed bug with the incorrect field order in index definition when all the index fields were selected at once.



11. Fixed bug with incorrect representation of the default values for the ENUM type if its items contain spaces.



12. The UPDATE or INSERT mode of the Import Data Wizard imports data properly now. (*)



13. Fixed bug with saving table comments containing apostrophe characters.



14. The 'Command out of sync' error doesn't appear after executing the EXPLAIN statement in the SQL Editor anymore, and the Results tab displays correctly after executing this statement.



15. Fixed bug with parsing SELECT statements containing a YEAR function within the Visual Query Builder. (*)



16. Fixed bug with identifying the TEXT type as SET with MySQL 4.1.



17. Some small improvements and corrections.

(*) -- Professional Edition only