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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.7 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for MySQL - a high performance tool for MySQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for MySQL 5.7?

  1. New icons introduced. Support of dark visual scheme added.
  2. Support of Unicode added for object names.
  3. Support of Access 2016 files implemented in Import data and Export data wizards.
  4. Export as PHP wizard. PHP Data Objects interface supported now.
  5. BLOB data and binary data are exported as Base64 and HEX strings for text formats.
  6. Duplicate wizard didn't copy data in some cases. Fixed now.
  7. Fixes for syntax highlighting in procedures and functions.
  8. Fixes in autocompletion of keywords.
  9. Displaying of time in Greek locale has been fixed.
  10. Many other improvements and bugfixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software.