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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 4.4.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for SQL Server - a powerful tool for developing and administering MS SQL Server databases. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page. 

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 4.4.1?

  1. Data frame. Implemented the ability to add values to the current filter instead of replacing them by using the Shift button.
  2. TSQL Debugger. Debugging large procedures has been improved and optimized.
  3. Data frame. When adding a new row empty strings were displayed instead of default values. Fixed now.
  4. SQL Editor. Query execution failed when NULL-value was set as a string-parameter. Fixed now.
  5. Objects at the Dependencies tab sometimes were added as new nodes instead of adding inside the right nodes. Fixed now.
  6. Query Builder. Arrow direction was incorrect for the LEFT OUTER JOIN relationship. Fixed now.
  7. Query Builder. The field moved outside list visible area and there was no possibility to scroll the list. Fixed now.
  8. An object was not focused using Ctrl+O shortcut when it was out of visible range. Fixed now.
  9. The ‘Online’ field option was incorrectly set by default. Now it is available for the Enterprise edition of SQL Server only.
  10. Now it is possible to sort and filter data rows returned by a stored procedure.
  11. The error occurred when launching the program on OS with Breton locale.
  12. Confirmation window appeared twice on exit the program. Fixed now.
  13. Table name disappeared in its sub-objects editors in some cases. Fixed now.
  14. Data frame. If data was shorter than column header column width was set incorrectly. Fixed now.
  15. Fixed errors of highlighting and execution code with nested comments.
  16. There was an error opening table indices after changing this table fields order. Fixed now.
  17. Many other improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.