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PostgreSQL Manager 1.2 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 1.2?

1. Full PostgreSQL server v7.3 support


- Name space support

Now a box for setting object name space is added to each object editor, and database objects in the DB Explorer tree and in all object editor trees are divided by schemas. You can create, edit and drop database schemas in the same way as other objects via DB Explorer. You can also access database objects e.g. from SQL Editor using the following syntax: ..

- Domains added to the DB Explorer tree. Use the Domain Editor to create and edit domains.

- Grant Manager allows setting privileges for Databases, Functions, Schemas, and Languages

2. Index list moved to the main tree, like triggers and rules, and the Index Editor window is no more modal.

3. German and Russian localizations added. Select the Options | Select Program Language menu item to change the program interface language.

4. Grant Manager now allows setting privileges for the PUBLIC group.

5. Now you can select objects to expand automatically in the DB Explorer on connect to the database. Use the Tools | DB Explorer page of the Environment Options dialog for this purpose.

6. Fixed bug in connecting to a database, if it contains two objects in one name space with names differing only by their case.

7. Fixed bug in connecting to a database, if it contains views with spaces in their names.

8. A lot of other bugfixes and small improvements.