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Advanced Data Export VCL version 4.4 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of Advanced Data Export VCL component. You can download the newest version of the program from the Download page.

What's new in Advanced Data Export 4.4?

  1. QExport4XLS. Added the possibility to automatically add new sheets when exporting more than 65536 lines. The AutoAddSheet property is responsible for this. When AutoAddSheet = True, the new sheets are added automatically. When AutoAddSheet = False, upon reaching the maximum number of lines the error message appears.
  2. QExport4XLS. The AutoTrancateValue property is added. If the value of more than 32767 symbols is inserted into the cell, the length of the line is truncated automatically to the allowed length when AutoTrancateValue = True. When AutoTrancateValue = False, the "String too large" error message appears.
  3. QExport4Dialog. The ability to Drag and Drop fields to the specified position is added.
  4. When exporting the value of over 4110 symbols to Excel, the file did not open. Fixed now.
  5. QExport4Dialog. When the PDFOptions->PageOptions->Units = unMillimeter property was set, the error of exporting empty sheets to PDF occurred. Fixed now.
  6. The "Index of bounds" error occurred with the null Map property. Fixed now.
  7. QExport4XLS. The error preventing the column width automated setting is fixed.
  8. QExport4XLS. The error of the line breaking is fixed.
  9. QExport4Xls. Fixed the error that caused the application hanging under the following conditions: 
    • the export is set for several sheets at once;
    • the Exported property is set to False for one or several sheets.
  10. Some other improvements and bugfixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software!