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EMS SQL Manager for DB2 version 2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the new major version of SQL Manager for DB2 - a high performance tool for DB2 databases administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for DB2 2.0?

  1. Added the Version control (VC) functionality to the Compile Form, SQL Editor, SQL Script, Query Builder and object editors.
  2. Added VC facilities: Create tag wizard, Check repository wizard, Get change script wizard, Version History.
  3. Database Registration. The database name can now contain up to 18 characters depending on the OS type.
  4. When creating a query plan, EXPLAIN tables are now created or recreated in a database if they are absent or incomplete.
  5. Data Frame, creation of tables. Such default field values as CURRENT DATE, CURRENT TIME, CURRENT TIMESTAMP are processed correctly now.
  6. Data Frame.
    • Fixed the errors occurred when counting the number of records returned by some queries.
    • When closing a frame with a dataset opened for editing, the changes are now canceled.
  7. DB2 Check Editor. The OK button did not become available after the correct filling of the check body. Fixed now.
  8. Indices Editor. Sometimes an AV occurred on editing indices. Fixed now.
  9. DB2 console. Added the possibility to clear the results of execution.
  10. Package Editor. When creating a new package, optimization profile options were available even if the profile was disabled. Fixed now.
  11. SQL Editor, SQL Script. The work with comments within the bodies of procedures, functions, views and outside of their bodies is improved.
  12. Object Inspector. Added the possibility to create SUID procedures from tables and views; views from tables and functions that return tables.
  13. The Report Designer is now opened in the MDI window.
  14. The working of Help services in the report editors is fixed.
  15. Visual Database Designer.
    • The functioning of the Undo/Redo commands for working with several objects at once is improved.
    • The shortcuts Ctrl+Z and Shift+Ctrl+Z are added for the Undo and Redo commands.
  16. Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our products!