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SQL Manager for Oracle version 2.4 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for Oracle - a high performance tool for Oracle database server administration and development.

You can download the newest version of SQL Manager for Oracle from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for Oracle 2.4?

  1. Database alerts.
    • New events for monitoring are added.
    • It is now possible to view the description for each alert and the objects which the alert refers to.
  2. Oracle client check.
    • The algorithm of Oracle homes searching is changed (e.g. INSTANT_CLIENT and XE_CLIENTS are supported now).
    • The errors are now displayed with the fixing instructions.
  3. Dependency Tree. The mechanism of the dependency tree building is improved; the building speed is increased.
  4. Added the possibility to enable/disable triggers in the object context menu in the DB Explorer.
  5. Register Database wizard. The new item is added to the “Connect Using” list which indicates that the connection will be performed through TNS_ADMIN.
  6. Environment Options.
    • The “Quote low case identifiers” option is added.
    • Added the “Autocreation options” option which automatically creates synonyms when creating a new object.
  7. Field Editor. Added the possibility to imitate an auto increment field by creating a corresponding trigger and a sequence.
  8. Recompilation of invalid objects. Synonyms are added to the list of available objects.
  9. The “Compile With Debug Info” task is added to the drop-down menu of PL/SQL objects.
  10. Scheduler Jobs/Scheduler Windows.
    • After creating a new metaobject, its editor did not start. Fixed now.
    • It was not possible to delete several metaobjects at once. Fixed now.
  11. Scheduler Programs. When the Enabled box was checked, the Disable script was generated and vice versa. Fixed now.
  12. After downloading a HTML report and upon refreshing any collection, the "Not enough available timer" message was displayed. Fixed now.
  13. Trigger Editor. It was not possible to set a fields list for which the trigger should fire. Fixed now.
  14. Export as SQL Script from Visual Query Builder. The ROWID column was included in the table DDL. Fixed now.
  15. Export as SQL Script from a view. Table and scheme names were quoted incorrectly. Fixed now.
  16. HTML Report wizard.
    • Hyperlinks did not work if the object name included the “#” character. Fixed now.
    • Indices were not indicated as unique in the corresponding column. Fixed now.
  17. Visual Database Designer. If a scheme was not explicitly indicated, a new table was created without columns. Fixed now.
  18. Fixed multiple errors occurred in the asynchronous query execution mode.
  19. When the parsing was disabled, an empty script execution in the SQL Script tool caused an error. Fixed now.
  20. Key mappings for macroses did not work. Fixed now.
  21. Other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our products!