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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 4.4 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.4?

  1. Backup Database and Restore Database wizards are added which allow you to perform backup and restore operations with pg_dump and pg_restore utilities available in PostgreSQL.
  2. Aggregate Editor. Added the support of aggregate functions with multiple arguments. The support of the sort operator is implemented for MIN- or MAX-like aggregates.
  3. Function Editor
    • Added the support of planner options for PostgreSQL version 8.3.
    • The shortcuts Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down are added to change the arguments order.
    • When recreating a function, grants on this function were not restored. Fixed now.
  4. Data Grid.
    • The Support of the PostGIS geometry type is implemented. You can view and edit the geometry columns in the Table Editor. Now in the SQL Editor you can also edit the columns based on the asEWKT and asText functions.
    • The new option ‘Use key and changed fields’ (Environment Options | Grid | Data Options) is added to search for records on update or delete. 
    • Numeric values of high precision are now displayed and edited correctly.
  5. Function Debugger. 
    • The ‘Run to cursor’ command is added.
    • If any syntax error is found, the number of the line with this error is now returned.
    • Some errors of function execution are fixed; the support of new PL/pgSQL constructions is added.
  6. SQL Script. 
    • The support of the ‘\connect <database name>’ command is added to define the current database during the script execution.
    • The ‘Default directory for scripts’ option located in the Database Registration Info dialog did not work. Fixed now.
    • The support of CREATE RULE statements with ALSO clause is added. The end of the statement was identified incorrectly. Fixed now.
  7. After importing data into a table with the help of the Data Import wizard or after inserting records into the table in the editing mode, current sequence values are updated for the SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields.
  8. Tablespace Editor. Now the tablespace size is displayed.
  9. HTML Report. The possibility to change the font size for the DDL section is added.
  10. Index Editor. The option ‘Mark as index to cluster table on’ is added.
  11. The toolbar with tools from the Services menu is added to the main form.
  12. The support of the LATIN9 encoding is added for opening/saving SQL scripts.
  13. Changing Metadata. Now the size and position of the corresponding window are saved for the next session.
  14. It is now possible to insert a tab symbol in the Description field of object editors.
  15. Visual DB Designer. The NOT NULL flag was not displayed for the fields based on NOT NULL domains. Fixed now.
  16. Extract Database. 
    • In some cases functions were doubled in the result script. Fixed now.
    • Tables created with the WITH OIDS option were extracted without this option. Fixed now.
  17. The position and content of the toolbars located on the main form were not saved. Fixed now.
  18. The Code Parameters list did not work for quoted object names. Fixed now.
  19. SQL Editor. SQL sorting did not work for grouping queries with ORDER BY clause. Fixed now.
  20. Large number of other small improvements and bugfixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.