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QuickExport 2.0 released!

What‘s new?

  General changes and innovations:
  1. A possibility of restricting the number of exported records is added. Use the SkipRecCount property to define the number of skipped records and the ExportRecCount property  to define the number of exported ones.

  2. Now it is possible to export data to any stream instead of disk file. Check out the ExportToStream method in all components of the suite except the TQExportXLS component.

  3. A possibility of exporting from different sources is added. Now QuickExport supports TDataSet, TDBGrid, TListView and TStringGrid or any of their descendants.

  4. The appearance of the export dialog is improved. We hope you'll like its new design.

  5. A possibility of changing the order of the exported columns is added.

  6. We have added a lot of new features to the Excel export component. Now you can define font, color, borders, fill, etc. for each column, row or even cell of the spreadsheet. You can also define an aggregate function for each column.

  7. A possibility of defining the number of the start column in export to XLS file is added.

  8. A possibility of restricting the number of header/footer rows in export to XLS file is added.

  9. Now it's possible to define page orientation in export to RTF file.

 10. Now it's possible to set the column alignments in export to TXT or RTF file.

 11. Now only QExportConsts.pas is used for localization (you shouldn't translate dfm files for this purpose).

 12. New demo applications are added. Native C++ Builder demos are also included in the installation packages now.
  We are going to add new features to the component set. Our nearest plans are:
  - add export to pdf format;
  - add Kylix support.

The technical description of all new features can be found in the history.txt file, included in all the installation packages.