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Advanced Data Export .NET v.1.4 released

We are pleased to announce new version of Advanced Data Export.NET component. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in Advanced Data Export.NET version 1.4?

  1. It was impossible to export long strings into memo type fields when exporting data from DataTable objects to MS Access. Any string type fields were exported as char(255). To ensure correct export the object to be exported should be filled with the FillSchema data adapter method. Fixed now.
  2. The list property NotTruncatableFields was added to all components; it allows to define all string type fields which should not be truncated after the first entry of \r\n. All \r\n entries will be replaced with the space symbol (this doesn't affect MS Access и DBF formats).
  3. When exporting DateTime data containing time values these values were not displayed. Fixed now.
  4. Two new properties were introduced in the QExportXLS component: AutoCalcCaptionWidth and DefVerticalCationWidth. If AutoCalcCaptionWidth is set to True the column width is calculated automatically depending on the text tilting angle; i.e. depending on the value recorded in Options.CaptionFormat.Rotation. Please note that the AutoCalcCaptionWidth property value will be ignored if AutoCalcColWidth is set to True. The DefVerticalCationWidth property is added for your convenience and allows to set column width when the text tilting angle between 90 and 255 is used. By default it equals 3 average symbols’ width for the current font.
  5. The problem with importing huge amounts of data to MS Access has been solved. With no messages received, the application used to remain idle and a system error followed. Fixed now.
  6. The images to be pasted into XLS file could not be scaled. Fixed now.
  7. Images used to be distorted (mostly vertically). Fixed now.
  8. Conversion to ASCII from Unicode was performed without taking the regional settings into consideration, i.e. current codepage used to be ignored. Fixed now.

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