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SQL Manager for DBISAM v.1.6.5 is released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager for DBISAM. You can download the newest version from the product download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for DBISAM v.1.6.5?

  1. Database Registration:
    • Possibility to register a database with custom filename extensions added.
    • When registering a new host the connection parameters were not being saved (login, password). Fixed now.
  2. Support for DBISAM 3.30 and 4.21 added.
  3. Duplicate Object. Now when duplicating tables the table data is duplicated too.
  4. Field Editor.
    • When creating a field type VARCHAR, the field was saved as CHAR. Fixed.
    • When changing the field size of type VARCHAR, the field was saved as FIXEDCHAR. Fixed.
    • SQL Editor. When in SQL Editor a query of type "SELECT * FROM ... " was made for any table, the table editor could not edit this table until the SQL Editor is closed. Fixed.
    • Extract Database. When a "Full Text Index" was set to default "Space chars" value, the extraction process failed as the line contained an invalid characters. Fixed.
    • Export as Insert.
      • The BLOB type fields were extracted . Fixed now.
      • When choosing the "Generate Create Statement" option, the DDL table script were formed incorrectly. Fixed.
    • Lots of other improvements.

    We hope you'll enjoy working with our products!