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DBISAM Manager 1.5 released.

What's new in DBISAM Manager 1.5?

1. We have implemented a new service - Empty Tables. Now you can empty several tables at once. This service is accessible through the Services -> Empty Tables menu item.

2. Now you can customize your reports in the Print Metadata tool using new options. These options allow you to include/exclude some metadata (such as fields, indices, DDL, or description) for each table.

3. Now the program supports COMPRESS statements for the column definition.

4. With this version you can reduce an amount of time needed to load data for tables and query results. Use the 'Load all rows mode as default' option on the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog. Note: This mode makes data filtering and sorting inaccessible.

5. Three new options on the Reports tab of the Environment Options dialog:

  • Enable multi-line cells - check this option to enable printing of string and memo fields as multi-line cells.
  • Enable word wrapping - check this option to enable word-wrapping system. This option available if the above option is enabled.
  • Print memo fields' data - check this option to enable/disable printing data of memo fields.

6. Now the Export Data and Import Data dialogs do not change the cursor position when exporting/importing data from tables or queries.

7. Now the program correctly quotes MIN and MAX values for string fields in the table DDL.

8. Fixed bug that caused program hang up after right-click in the SQL Editor.

9. Now the program separately formats Date and Time fields instead of formatting them as DateTime fields.

10. Fixed bug that caused program hang up when exporting to CSV.

11. Several minor improvements and bug fixes.