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DBISAM Manager 1.1 released.

What's new in DBISAM Manager 1.1?

1. Since this version, DBISAM Manager does not create separate sessions per each database connection anymore. Now only one session is used for all databases located on the same host. It's very important if your DBISAM server has a limitation on the number of active connections.

2. The compression and case-sensitivity options are available in the Add/Edit Index dialog now. Both of these options are also represented on the Indices page of Table Editor.

3. We have implemented support of encrypted tables. Now if such table is selected in the DB Explorer, the password dialog pops up instead of the 'Insufficient rights to table' error.

4. Transaction behavior was changed in Data View of Table Editor and SQL Editor. Now transaction doesn't start automatically after the result is selected to prevent table locking. Since this version, new transaction starts only after some changes were made and posted or if the Start Transaction button was pushed manually by user.

5. Display format for fields of MONEY type was added to the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog. This field format is available for editing in the Currency Format combo box.

6. Now bookmarks are used when you choose the Print View tab in the Data View. Now record active before running print preview stays active after the print preview is finished.

7. The 'Access denied to table' error doesn't occur anymore if you try to change the table structure with the Data tab active in Table Editor. Now table automatically closes before restructuring and opens after it is done.

8. Fixed bug with NOCASE option generated in the index definition by default.

9. The quick filter works properly in the Grid View now.

10. Fixed bug with the 'Insufficient rights to table' error during extracting metadata even if the encrypted table isn't selected for extracting.

11. Fixed bug with creating a log file for import data process in the Import Data Wizard.

12. Some small improvements and corrections.