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EMS Software Maintenance Program launched!

As an extension of our commitment to improve the support services to our customers, we are launching EMS Software Maintenance Program starting October 2006.

EMS Software Maintenance Program is a cost-effective and comprehensive program that includes technical support, software updates, and many other benefits. The primary benefit of this program is that having the functioning maintenance subscription you automatically receive the newest versions of EMS software upon release at no additional cost. This allows you and your organization to keep up with the latest software technology developments, take advantage of usability improvements, and manage software licenses more easily. As a participant of the EMS Software Maintenance Program you are eligible for:

  • Technical Support assistance from skilled and experienced professionals
  • Communications for the purpose of consultation on operational aspects of the software
  • Free software enhancements, updates and upgrades during the maintenance period
  • Access to personalized EMS Customer account
  • On-line, speed-through maintenance renewal
  • Advanced and exclusive notification of software promotions
  • "Maintenance Owner ONLY" product promotions
EMS SQL Management Studio is our first product sold under EMS Software Maintenance Program. We are planning a switch-over to this new support scheme for all EMS products in the nearest future. You can find more information about EMS Software Maintenance Program in Maintenance FAQs.