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We are celebrating our 5th anniversary!

Dear Friends!

December 2004 EMS website is five years old. Happy Birthday to us!

The EMS website was started 60 months ago with just one software product. Today we have dozens of software products, thousands of customers and tens of thousands users in more than 90 countries all around the world.

Since then there have been a lot of changes, however, all this time our mission stayed the same – to provide databases developers and administrators with excellent tools for any kind of projects. We thank each of you for contributing in any way to developing EMS products. But for you, we wouldn't have done it!

For the next year we have planned a lot of remarkable things, including software major upgrades, new tools releases and physical CD distribution. It will be an exciting year.

Right now we have fully redesigned our website. Based on your comments and requests, we have made it more informative, more convenient and faster in use. Now it has become easier than ever to browse, download our software or to make purchases. Along with improving our website design, we have significantly modified its information content and upgraded its functionality.

A few new features (besides the obvious new look) include:

  • New website name www.SQLManager.net
  • Improved SQL server based navigation
  • Improved Shopping cart functionality
  • Improved License and Upgrade policy
  • New increased Volume Discounts
  • Improved Partnership programs
  • Detailed software products information
  • Detailed FAQs for all questions categories
  • Better Member account integration
  • Integrated website search engine
  • Interesting SQL industry news and articles

We hope you like the new EMS website and will keep coming back for years!

Vladimir Sokolov
President & CEO