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New Support System launched

This system enables us to provide you with personal support and help within 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Now all support questions will be registered, get a unique number and then will be processed by our Support Team. This helps us to give you necessary support as soon as possible. Support Ticket System can be accessed for free by all customers both of paid and free trial products.

Asking your questions via e-mail you may not be sure that we'll receive your messages or you'll get our answers. But you can always be sure that all your tickets will be registered and our team will get this information. You can monitor the status of your tickets and the way we process them by e-mail or on-line interface.

During October we will carry out support both via Support Ticket System, and by e-mail.
Since November we start processing all support questions only via Support Ticket System.

You can get access to our Support Ticket System at our Member Center (https://secure.sqlmanager.net/member/support/)