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EMS Data Comparer version 3.5.2 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of Data Comparer - the powerful utility for data comparison and synchronization of SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and InterBase/Firebird databases.

What’s new in Data Comparer 3.5.2?

  1. Added support for new server versions: SQL Server 2017, MySQL Server 8, PostgreSQL 12.
  2. Support for Azure SQL Database implemented.
  3. FB/IB. Fixed synchronization of TIME and DATETIME data types with milliseconds.
  4. FB/IB. Support for BOOLEAN type implemented.
  5. FB/IB. Triggers were not disabled correctly. Fixed now.
  6. MySQL. The 'MySQL has gone away' error has been fixed.
  7. PostgreSQL. The MATCH option is now processed correctly on creating FK.
  8. Other fixes and improvements.

You can download Data Comparer at:

Data Comparer for MySQL:

Data Comparer for PostgreSQL:

Data Comparer for SQL Server:

Data Comparer for InterBase/Firebird:

Data Comparer for Oracle:

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