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SQL Backup for PostgreSQL released!

Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation (February, 2019) – EMS Software Development, one of the leaders in database administration software development, is pleased to announce the release of its new product SQL Backup for PostgreSQL for creating automatic backups for PostgreSQL databases. The tool offers easy and quick deployment of scheduled backup tasks on multiple servers and monitoring their execution.

“SQL Backup for PostgreSQL can significantly improve the workflow of database administrators in both large and small companies. They get the reliable tool to create automated backup tasks. The single console for managing backups for all servers at hand can considerably reduce costs on server maintenance,” said Vladimir Sokolov, CEO of EMS Software Development.

“We have designed smart wizards to create scheduled backup tasks that can considerably save time on creating backups in large systems. SQL Backup for PostgreSQL can reduce storage costs due to direct uploading of backup files into popular cloud storages, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and others, Now we are focusing on adding new features and further development of the program,“ stated Ivan Proshechkin, technical director.

Regular execution of backup tasks with SQL Backup for PostgreSQL is a key for smooth and high-performance working of your PostgreSQL servers.

Prices and versions
SQL Backup for PostgreSQL comes in three versions and works with PostgreSQL server versions from 7.4 to 11.1.
A license for the professional version of SQL Backup for PostgreSQL costs USD 105.00
A license for the standard version of SQL Backup for PostgreSQL costs USD 145.00
The Free version of SQL Backup for PostgreSQL is available. 
More information about SQL Backup for PostgreSQL.
Download the newest version SQL Backup for PostgreSQL.

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