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SQLManager.net took part in the seminar

EMS SQL Administration tools EMS Software Development LLC, one of the leading developers of SQL server administration tools, has participated in the seminar for IT management of large Russian companies. The seminar took place in Sochi city in March 2016 and was organized by the top company-distributor of the software in Russia “Softline” in cooperation with such vendors as Oracle, SQL Manager, Autodesk, EMS and Zecurion.

“The seminar succeeded in creating a comfortable working atmosphere. Despite the intimacy of the event, we will be able to achieve coverage of a wide audience, because the audience will distribute the information among their subordinates and employees of related areas” – believes Svetlana Potyemkina, the marketing manager of the Softline company.

Ivan Proshechkin, EMS Software Development LLC (SQLManager.net) director, points out: “At such events, it is very useful to get feedback from the participants. This information can help in identifying interesting cases and models of SQL tools usage in the business processes of different companies. Therefore, we are always happy to participate in such activities and are open to contact with our end-users”.

EMS SQL Tools About the company: EMS Database Management Solutions specializes in producing high quality and rich functionality database administration tools and utility applications for data management. During its lifetime EMS has brought many innovations to the database management market. By incorporating unique features, EMS offers the developers practical and helpful tools to create and administer their applications effectively.