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Advanced Data Export VCL version 4.13 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of Advanced Data Export VCL component. You can download the newest version of the program from the Download page.  

What's new in Advanced Data Export 4.13?

  1. The possibility of exporting string data as hyperlinks has been added.
  2. The possibility of formatting TBCDField field values as Currency field type has been implemented.
  3. All 64-bit Integer values with more than 18 digits were converted to Float type with exponential notation. Fixed now.
  4. Errors on 64-bit run-time QExport4RT_C23.cbproj package compilation have been fixed.
  5. String height is now adjusted to cell font and data size.
  6. The invalid byte was added after every line break when exporting to TXT, CSV, DIF, SYLK. Fixed now.
  7. Integer overflow error has been fixed.
  8. Images are exported to XLS correctly now.
  9. The "Cannot load package 'QEXport4RT_C11' error has been fixed.
  10. The "Not enough timers available" error when using the components inside of IntraWeb application has been fixed.
  11. Now the 'Destination Directory' value is correctly saved to the template.
  12. The Database Home list was empty in some cases for Oracle server. Fixed now.
  13. Now '0000-00-00' zero date is exported correctly from MySQL server.
  14. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software!