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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.5.2 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for MySQL - a high performance tool for MySQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page

What's new in SQL Manager for MySQL 5.5.2?

  1. Generating of the table definition (DDL) has been fixed for tables having the dot (".") in their names.
  2. Opening of procedures for the users with restricted rigths has been fixed.
  3. There was a critical error when launching the program on the specific versions of Windows. Fixed now.
  4. The print preview window for the view was not opened. Fixed now.
  5. The size of the wizard windows has been fixed for the specific font sizes (DPI).
  6. The order of scripts addind fields to a table was incorrect. Fixed now.
  7. Displaying of dependencies in the Procedure Editor has been fixed.
  8. The cursor positioning in tab-delimited text has been fixed.
  9. Comparing of the AUTO_INCREMENT property for the tables is excluded now.
  10. Initialization of the DateTime parameters in the Procedure Debugger has been fixed.
  11. When transactions were enabled the data changes within procedures were not applied. Fixed now.
  12. The indices comparison has been fixed in Database Comparer.
  13. The import of unicode data from Excel (.xlsx) files has been fixed.
  14. Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software.