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EMS SQL Manager for Oracle version 3.3 released

We are pleased to announce the new major version of SQL Manager for Oracle - a high performance tool for Oracle database server administration and development.

You can download the newest version of SQL Manager for Oracle from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for Oracle 3.3?

  1. The approach of working with data buffers has been changed. The memory is allocated now only for real data stored in the table, and not just relying on its definition. It has lead to a considerable economy of memory.
  2. The mechanism of user schema filtration has been improved. Now all the database editors, services and tools work only with the set of schemas indicated in the schema filter in the DB registration.
  3. Compare Databases. The mechanism of ordering of objects as per their dependencies has become better and faster. Now there is a possibility to compare only the schema objects, ignore objects of the schema PUBLIC, ignore objects’ parameters storage.
  4. Extract Databse. The mechanism of ordering of objects as per their dependencies has been refined and significantly improved.
  5. Duplicate Table. Now there is a possibility to choose sub-objects.
  6. Databases that are connected through SSH, are now marked with the special sign «lock-up».
  7. Now one can simultaneously execute several queries in SQL Editor, separated by “;” with browsing their data sets.
  8. The current schema in the objects tree is now marked with bold-faced type.
  9. Query Builder parser work with the big number of ANSI joins has been fixed.
  10. Numerous errors related to group editing (deleting, relocation ..) in Visual Database Designer (VDBD) are fixed now.
  11. Export data of large data sets used to finish with the error “Out of memory”. Fixed now.
  12. Running multiple instances of DB Comparer was finished with the error Out of Memory. Fixed now.
  13. SQL Editor. During the process of asynchronous execution of the long query with the specified timeout the query was interrupted and the data set was closed, even in the case when the query met the timeout limits. Fixed now.
  14. Many interface errors in case of editing the Storage Data for the table are fixed.
  15. Incorrect work with the ISO8859-5 DB encoding. Fixed now.
  16. Other improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our products