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EMS SQL Adminstrator for SQL Server version 1.4 released

Support of new SQL Server 2014 features, cloning server objects, managing credentials and a lot of other improvements and bug-fixes.

  1. Added support of new SQL Server 2014 features:
    - Support of backup encryption.
    - Support of backup to Windows Azure.
    - Support of memory-optimized files and filegroups.
    - Support of maintenance plans on SQL Server 2014.
  2. Added ability to clone server objects including jobs and maintenance plans to the same or another server.
  3. Server Explorer | Security view. Added the Credentials view which allows browsing and managing credentials.
  4. Server Explorer | Security view. The logins of securityadmin server role (having the ability to assign most server permissions) are displayed in the System and Security Administrators list.
  5. Database Editor. - The support of some previously unsupported SQL Server 2012 and 2014 databases properties has been implemented.
    - The default size of a database file was 3Mb that is lower than the minimum allowed size for SQL Server 2012. It caused an error while saving the database properties. Fixed now.
    - After deleting a database file it appeared in the list but was actually removed from the server. Fixed now.
  6. Query tool. The height of the grid now automatically fits the height of the parent data view area when it is changed.
  7. Backup wizard. The ability to set the ‘Server default’ value for the backup compression option added now.
  8. Server Explorer | Database Users, Roles, Application Roles views. The Description field added.
  9. Server Explorer | Databases view. The ID field added. It is hidden by default and can be shown using Column Chooser dialog.
  10. Alarm Summary | Databases without Backup alarm. Backup check interval is now 8 days by default for new server registrations.
  11. Server Explorer | Database Users view. The Orphaned flag was incorrectly shown for some users on SQL Server 2012 although the corresponding alarm worked right. Fixed now.
  12. Alarm Summary. If the database name contained the specific characters that should be quoted, the ‘Incorrect syntax’ error occurred in the alarm status. Fixed now.
  13. If the error occurred on creating Maintenance Plan on SQL Server 2012 the Ssis11Adpt.exe process was not finished with the program. Fixed now.
  14. Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.