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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for SQL Server - a powerful tool for developing and administering MS SQL Server databases. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page. 

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 4.0?

  1. The ability to debug Transact-SQL code is now implemented in SQL Editor. The debugger makes it possible to find errors in SQL scripts, stored procedures, user-defined functions by observing their run-time behaviour. It is possible to trace into bodies of stored procedures and functions, see the value of local and global variables, set the breakpoints, etc.
  2. Added the Database Comparer tool which allows getting a script to synchronize the database structure. 
  3. Added support of new SQL Server 2014 features:
    • Support of memory-optimized tables.
    • Support of backup encryption.
    • Support of backup to Windows Azure.
  4. The Search in Metadata tool is implemented for performing the quick search within the scope of database metadata. The tool allows you to set various search conditions and view the results.
  5. Added the ability to create SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE procedures from tables and views easily.
  6. Visual Database Designer.
    • Added the Undo and Redo commands.
    • Added tools for visual formatting diagram objects: setting fonts, colors, etc.
    • Now views, procedures and functions can be added to a diagram.
    • Added the possibility to display attribute properties (optionality, keys, etc.) in parentheses after the attribute name and type.
    • Diagram print options are now saved in the diagram file.
    • Added the possibility to display printing page borders on a diagram.
    • Added the possibility to drag and drop schemas to a diagram.
  7. DB Explorer.
    • The database tree now contains Scripts branch for fast access to SQL files from a specified folder (set in Database Registration Info dialog) and its subfolders.
    • Added the ability to duplicate objects to other databases by using drag-and-drop.
    • Restore of previously opened object editors when connecting to database is carried out more quickly as far as majority of repeated requests to server are excluded.
  8. HTML Report.
    • Now it is possible to define report visual style.
    • Triggers, indices, foreign keys, check constrains are now displayed in a separate general list.
    • Now it is not necessary to connect to database to create a report for server objects only.
  9. Added the Instance Manager tool which allows checking statuses of SQL Server services and starting/stopping them.
  10. Added the Database Registration Manager which allows adding and deleting database registrations quickly.
  11. New Object Templates window allows you to preset property values for newly created objects: fields, indices, triggers, views, procedures, functions. Also it is possible to define name template for new database and server objects.
  12. Environment Options.
    • Added the possibility to define shortcuts for some commands in DB Explorer, SQL Editor, SQL Script and other tools (Global Shortcuts).
    • Now it is possible to specify the display style of object names as schema.name or name (schema).
    • It is possible to set the font for data grid separately.
    • Added the possibility to specify which database should be selected for a newly opened editor or tool: the database selected in DB Explorer or the one from the currently focused editor.
  13. Dependency Tree.
    • Added the possibility to move the tree within the display area by holding the left mouse button.
    • Changed the drawing of selected object and recursive objects for better distinction.
    • Added different display modes of dependency tree: to show all objects, to show objects depending on selected object, or only objects selected object depends on.
    • Selected object is placed to the display area automatically now when the dependency tree is too large.
  14. Windows panel.
    • Switch between windows is now possible with Ctrl+Tab shortcut.
    • Added the ability to move tabs of open windows with a mouse.
    • Now it is possible to close the windows with the scroll button.
  15. Table Editor. Data tab.
    • Added the possibility to create automatically the detail data levels for tables connected with the given one by means of foreign keys.
    • Values of geometry and geography types are now displayed as a text. Now it is possible to edit them.
  16. Object names in DDL are not quoted now, if it is not necessary.
  17. Export/Import Data. Now in most cases exported data is not re-requested from server.
  18. Procedure and Function Editors. It is possible to set use of default parameter values when executing procedures/functions.
  19. SQL Formatter now allows formatting DDL statements.
  20. SQL Editor. Now the query execution time is displayed more accurately with no additional cost in the program itself.
  21. Indices Management, Update Statistics, Shrink Database and Check Database wizards are non-modal now; operation is executed in a thread.
  22. Visual Options. Added the possibility to set Slants Kind property value for page controls.
  23. SQL Editor, Procedure Editor. The query execution process is completely revised: repeated query executions to display forward-only cursor results or to get info messages are excluded.
  24. Some of the forms were not scaled in Control Panel\Display | Size of All Items - Medium mode. Fixed now.
  25. Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.