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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 3.9 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for SQL Server - a powerful tool for developing and administering MS SQL Server databases. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page. 

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.9?

  1. The possibility to record object definitions to files for further use with version control systems (menu Tools | DDL to Files).
  2. SQL Editor. Quick Code.
    • The list of table fields of current SELECT query is now shown at 'Code Completion' even without indicating table alias.
    • Context sensitive elements: table aliases of the current SQL query, local variables, query table fields now are arranged at 'Code Completion' at the top of the list.
    • The support of table-valued user-defined functions to get the field list in 'Code Completion' was added.
    • It is possible to choose the value in 'Code Completion' with the spacebar. (Option in Options | Editor Options | Display | Quick Code.)
    • Code Parameters did not work if the user-defined function name was quoted. Fixed now.
  3. Duplicate Object wizard. When duplicating the table to database at the same server, the copying is made with SQL statement INSERT FROM … SELECT. But when duplicating to the other server the data copy statements are not recorded to the main script, and are fulfilled separately that requires less memory.
  4. Check Constraint Editor. Now the property setting «Check existing data» is taken from the system catalogue, and is included to constraint definitions.
  5. SQL Editor. For convenience the query execution timing information is drawn at the same status bar as the number of returned records is.
  6. Activity Monitor. The filter is not reset with clicking Refresh.
  7. Job History. The time values are now formatted for more convenient comparison.
  8. Jobs. When opening the form the data were not refreshed: at times only the names of jobs were shown, and all the rest information was blank. Fixed now.
  9. New Table form. The right-click menu was not opened for field list. Fixed now.
  10. DDL Trigger Editor. After compiling the disabled trigger was enabled. Fixed now.
  11. UDT Editor. When saving changes of table type constraints the incorrect script was at times generated. Fixed now.
  12. Save Settings wizard. The database projects for servers with the named instances were not saved. Fixed now.
  13. Environment Options. Naming Rules. The value of index type tag for XML indexes was not saved. Fixed now.
  14. Select Object dialog. At Users section the roles were shown, and at Roles - the users. Fixed now.
  15. Credential Editor. If fields 'Password' and 'Confirm password' contained distinct values, two error messages appeared when compiling. Fixed now.
  16. Environment Options dialog. For Tools | Object Editor tab the wrong Help page was opened. Fixed now.
  17. Lots of other improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.