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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.3 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL - a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 5.3?

  1. Now when modifying an object, a window is marked with an asterisk (*) in the window title. The same is for the files opened in SQL Script form, Visual Database Designer diagrams, etc. 
  2. Database Registration Info dialog. Added the possibility to set PostgreSQL parameter values for a session.  
  3. Grant Manager. Added the possibility to extract grants as SQL script. 
  4. Fuction Editor.
    • In case a function is modified, when calling the debugger, the program asks to compile this function, debug it without compiling and debug the older version of the function.
    • In some cases the syntax checking worked incorrectly. Fixed now. 
    • After being compiled the cursor changed its position in the function body. Fixed now.
  5. SQL Editor.
    • Now the cursor data can be opened for the refcursor results (if running within a transaction).
    • 'Union' was highlighted as alias, if it was placed next to the FROM section. Fixed now.
    • When executing a query with nested comments, an error occurred. Fixed now.
  6. Restore Database wizard. Now it correctly works with very large SQL files. 
  7. DB Explorer.
    • When opening the enum type a new form opened, even if the other editor of this type was already opened. Fixed now.
    • If the “Sort by Aliases” mode is on and “Show arguments as child nodes” is set for displaying the function, the function arguments were sorted in alphabetical order that led into error. Fixed now.
  8. Extract Database wizard.
    • When using PostgreSQL 9.1 and higher a query was executed to the pg_authid system table, and if having no permissions it caused an error. Fixed now.
    • When extracting composite types for array fields the number of array dimensions was not taken into account. Fixed now.
  9. Editor Options. The background color settings were applied to object description fields, but foreground color settings were not. Fixed now.
  10. Visual Database Designer. If there were no printers set in the system, opening the form caused the “There is no default printer currently selected” error. Fixed now. 
  11. View Editor. After a trigger was modified, the information on the Triggers tab was not updated. Fixed now. 
  12. Search in Metadata. Searches are not performed in temporary objects now. 
  13. In the Floating windows environment mode the Windows Taskbar appeared upon launching the program, even it was hidden in the previous session. Fixed now. 
  14. Create Report wizard. The selected report style could not be applied to the report. Fixed now. 
  15. Dependency Tree. The dependence between parent and inherited tables could not be shown in the subobject display mode. 
  16. New Table form. When pressing Ctrl + Insert the Add filed dialog popped up, even if there was another active tab. Fixed now.     
  17. Many other improvements and bugfixes. 

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software!