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SQL Manager for SQL Server version 3.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager 2008 for SQL Server. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.1?

  1. Implemented support of server objects in Extract Database, Print Metadata, Duplicate Object, New Object, SQL Script Explorer tools.
  2. Grant Manager. It is now possible to view effective permissions on objects.
  3. SQL query editors.
    • A number of functions now work faster.
    • Fixed several bugs connected with the occurring of List index out of bounds and Access Violation errors, as well as bugs concerning the cases of incorrect recognition of table aliases in queries, the incorrect work of code folding and non-applicability of background color.
    • Keyboard templates do not trigger in comments any more.
  4. Database Registration Info. Added the 'Always use client cursor to get data' option; this option should be enabled for remote server connections, e.g. upon connection via Internet.
  5. Print Metadata. The possibility to interrupt report generation is added.
  6. Data Grid.
    • Sub-levels based on a SQL query can now be edited in the Load All Rows mode, if the query is built by one table and contains key fields.
    • When inserting text into a grid cell, pressing Shift+Ins resulted in duplicating field dialog. Fixed now.
  7. View Editor. The possibility of editing queries in Query Builder is added.
  8. Job Editor. Added commands for running tasks, stopping task execution, viewing task execution results.
  9. Indices Management. Now it is possible to select several indexes and set parameters for all of them simultaneously.
  10. SQL Editor.
    • Unicode was not supported upon inputting parameters in queries containing parameters' declaration. Fixed now.
    • When working with several instances of SQL Editor, Favorite queries were not always saved correctly. Fixed now.
    • In some cases after server connection was lost, no attempt to reconnect was made.
  11. When duplicating full-text catalogs, an error message appeared telling that the query could not be executed inside a transaction. Fixed.
  12. SQL Script. The 'Cannot create file' error used to occur on attempt to save the editor content to a file. Fixed.
  13. Extract Database. After the extraction of the database the CREATE DATABASE statement in the resulted script did not contain operators for creating files and file groups. Fixed.
  14. Server Log Viewer. When opening a log, the 'Field Date is not found' error occurred in some cases. Fixed now.
  15. Restore Database wizard. When saving master options to a template, in some cases database file names were not written into the template. Fixed now.
  16. Keyboard Templates. When using the Paste command in a template body, applying the template resulted in insertion of the first word only, instead of the insertion of entire text from the clipboard. Fixed now.
  17. Dependency Tree. If the tree building was interrupted, rebuilding was not initiated after subsequent selection of an object. Fixed now.
  18. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our software.