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Mouaz Alem
Untold Secrets of SQL Server: What if?
In this article the author reveals the secrets of SQL Server that Microsoft did not publish, document or even support: It's called what-if statement.
Pavel Cisar and Paul Beach
The life cycle of a Firebird SQL statement
The article highlights the important aspects of the life cycle of a Firebird SQL statement.
Tamzin Oscroft
Oracle: Troubleshooting Internal Errors
By following the instructions in this article, you should be able to resolve some Oracle errors (ORA-600 and ORA-7445) that are caused by underlying physical issues such as file corruption or insufficient swap space.
Gregory A. Larsen
Finding the Source of Your SQL Server Database I/O
The article discusses the methods of measuring and identifying I/O related performance information for your SQL Server database instances.
Leo Hsu and Regina Obe
PostgreSQL Array: The ANY and Contains trick
Build-in PostgreSQL arrays support: using array elements as comma separated items in an SQL ANY clause and using arrays in column definitions and with Contains operator.
Hazan Ilan
MySQL Left Join
The article discussing very helpful methods of using MySQL LEFT JOIN syntax. Even if you think you know everything about LEFT JOIN, you will learn something new in this article!
Steve Howard
Eliminating Deadlocks Caused By Foreign Keys with Large Transactions
Validating foreign keys requires additional work for data modification operations and can lead to deadlocks in certain scenarios. There are, however, ways you can work around this contention and eliminate the possibility of the deadlocks.
Arup Nanda
Oracle: Preprocess External Tables
Use inline preprocessing on external Oracle tables to simplify extract, transform, and load operations.
Dave Beulke
DB2 10 Security SECADM Considerations
The new SECADM authority in DB2 10 helps define tighter data access and overall DB2 security. Learn how to use this authority to justify more help.
Ericka Chickowski
The 10 most common database vulnerabilities
Nearly half of weaknesses are directly or indirectly related to lax patch management practices.