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Noel Hernandez
I think that your product is marvelous; it is the best MySQL client on market for me. Lightweight and fast user interface. Easy to use and learn.
Thanks to all of you.
Development LMDV
Your product is just great, very intuitive and helpful for my development purposes.
It is to me the best tool for stored procedures edition and creation.
I hope it has the success you were awaiting.
Russ Chinoy
Although it's been available for a while now, I’ve just tried the Advanced Query Builder for the first time, and it's awesome!!!! Thanks for making such a great product!
Thanks again.
Kevin Collins
First I would like to say that I have used just about every DB tool available for most major databases, and nothing comes close to your products. Since I have been doing this for over 10 years, I have seen a lot of tools, and so I am in a position to know. … Btw, I own both SQL Managers for SQL Server and Firebird, and recommend them to everyone that I know...
David Mustard
Thanks a million for a splendid management tool which has helped me tremendously.
All the best from Amsterdam in The Netherlands