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EMS becomes MySQL Network Gold Certified Partner

EMS Database Management Solutions Earns Gold Certified Partner Status in MySQL Partner Program.

New York, United States (November 15, 2005) – EMS Database Management Solutions Inc., the developer of the world known DBA tool SQL Manager, today announced it has joined the MySQL Partner Program to maximize integration between SQL Manager for MySQL and the MySQL Network.

"We are very pleased to hear that EMS, which has made numerous products for convenient and efficient work with MySQL, has become our Gold Certified Partner,” said Mr. Bertrand Matthelié, Director of Alliances for MySQL AB. “Joining our new Network Partner Program, EMS receives a rich set of benefits including access, training, and support that give a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

"We are happy to receive the Gold Certified status in MySQL Partner Program. This is a follow up to several inspiring years of our cooperation with MySQL AB, started back in 2002. The Gold Certified status allows us to clearly promote our expertise with MySQL to our customers," said Vladimir Sokolov, President and CEO of EMS. "The benefits provided through our certified partnership will allow us to continue to enhance the offerings that we provide for millions of MySQL users worldwide."

About EMS

EMS (Electronic Microsystems) was founded in 1993 and specializes in producing database administration tools and utility applications for data management. During its lifetime EMS has brought many innovations to the database management market, often setting the world standard for DBA tools. By incorporating unique features, EMS tries to give developers the opportunity to create and administer their applications in the most effective way. The R&D center of EMS is headquartered in Chelyabinsk, Russia. EMS also has USA headquarters in New York and UK headquarters in Oxford.

For further details, please refer to the following URL: http://www.sqlmanager.net/

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