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The support of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 announced!

New York, United States (December, 2011) – EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc., one of the leaders in database administration software development announces the implementation of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 support into the components for Delphi and C++ Builder. Such support implementation will enable developers, who use EMS components in their applications, to use full functionality of RAD Studio XE2 together with proven and effective solutions, based on EMS components for Delphi and C ++ Builder.

"It should be noted that we pay special attention to the development process of EMS software components. The release of new component versions with the integrated support of RAD Studio XE2 is the next logical step in improving software offered to our clients. Functionality of the program elements, developed in our company, in conjunction with new features of RAD Studio XE2 allows you to create today’s dynamic applications, targeted to a wide range of tasks ", - said Vladimir Sokolov, CEO of EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc.

EMS components include elements for data export/import, generating PDF files, visual building SQL queries, creating template-based reports in MS Excel, as well as components, which allow adding language support into applications. You can learn more information about EMS components on the website www.sqlmanager.net/products/tools.

About EMS
EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1993 and specializes in producing high quality and rich functionality database administration tools and utility applications for data management. During its lifetime EMS has brought many innovations to the database management market. By incorporating unique features, EMS offers the developers practical and helpful tools to create and administer their applications effectively.