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Restore a database from backup

Use the Restore Database Wizard to restore a database from a backup. To launch the wizard and set restore options choose the Services | iconServices_RestoreDatabase Restore Database main menu item.

There are two ways to restore an Oracle database: User-managed script and Recovery manager (RMAN).

Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle utility that can back up, restore, and recover database files. It is a feature of the Oracle database server and does not require separate installation.

User-managed script method consists in using operating system commands to restore a database.


Note: Use of RMAN is highly recommended because it is more robust and greatly simplifies administration.

The following are possible circumstances in which you may choose to employ user-managed methods rather than use RMAN:

  • You are migrating from an older version of the database to the current version and do not immediately want to update your legacy backup scripts.
  • You maintain a network containing Oracle7 and later databases and want a single backup and recovery method to handle all databases in the same way. RMAN only supports Oracle databases of release 8.0 or greater.
  • All your RMAN backup are lost and you are forced to restore user-managed backups and perform recovery with the SQL*Plus RECOVER command.


To perform Oracle restore with user-managed script:

  1. Select the RadioButton User-managed script wizard option in the Restore using group on the first step of the wizard.
  2. On the second step verify and edit the current database settings for the selected User-managed script backup strategy.
  3. Select datafiles of the database to restore on the third step.
  4. On the fourth step set additional options for the database restore operation, including action to be taken on the control file and OS used when performing a restore process.


To perform Oracle restore with Recovery manager:

  1. Select the RadioButton Recovery manager (RMAN) option in the Restore using group on the first step of the wizard.
  2. On the second step set additional options for the database restore operation (for RMAN strategy).