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Specifying flashback settings

Use this step to specify the table to flash back and the restore point.

(Available only when the Flashback table data mode was specified at the first step.)


Flashback Wizard - Specifying flashback settings


Current SCN

The latest SCN is displayed at this field.



Select the needed schema from the drop-down list.


Table name

Specify the table you want to flash back.


Flashback SCN

This field displays the SCN of the chosen restore point. Type the value in only if you are sure the value is right.


Flashback using

RadioButton SCN

Choose the flashback point from the whole database SCN list.


RadioButton Restore point

Select the flashback point from the list of restore points contained in the built-in restore point table.


RadioButton EMS Manager restore point

Choose the flashback point from the list of restore points contained in SQL Manager restore point table.


RadioButton Timestamp

Use this variant either to define the approximate date and time of the needed flashback point (Timestamp point), or the date and time interval to use the closest flashback point (Before current timestamp).


Click the Next button to proceed to the Previewing the data in the selected flashback point step of the wizard.