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Setting refresh parameters

The Refresh tab allows you to specify the default methods, modes, and times for the database to refresh the materialized view. If the master tables of a materialized view are modified, then the data in the materialized view must be updated to make the materialized view accurately reflect the data currently in its master tables. Here you can schedule the times and specify the method and mode for the database to refresh the materialized view.



This group allows you to enable/disable refresh for the materialized view:

RadioButton Do not define refresh options

RadioButton Define refresh options


Materialized View Editor - Setting Refresh parameters



Refresh type

Specify the preferable refresh type:

RadioButton None

RadioButton Never (prevents the materialized view from being refreshed with any Oracle Database refresh mechanism or packaged procedure)

RadioButton Fast (indicates the incremental refresh method, which performs the refresh according to the changes that have occurred to the master tables)

RadioButton Complete (indicates the complete refresh method, which is implemented by executing the defining query of the materialized view)

RadioButton Force (indicates that when a refresh occurs, Oracle Database will perform a fast refresh if one is possible or a complete refresh if fast refresh is not possible)


Refresh time type

Specify the preferable refresh time type:

RadioButton None

RadioButton On commit (indicates that a fast refresh is to occur whenever the database commits a transaction that operates on a master table of the materialized view)

RadioButton On demand (indicates that the materialized view will be refreshed on demand by calling one of the refresh procedures)

RadioButton Automatic (indicates that the materialized view will be refreshed automatically at the specified time)


Refresh method

Specify the preferable refresh method:

RadioButton None

RadioButton Primary key (specifies a primary key materialized view which allows materialized view master table to be reorganized without affecting the eligibility of the materialized view for fast refresh)

RadioButton RowID (specifies a rowid materialized view which is useful if the materialized view does not include all primary key columns of the master table)


Specify the START WITH and NEXT values for automatic refresh using the corresponding controls. For your convenience the date editor is implemented: click the arrow-down button to call the date editor popup window.


Start with

Specify a datetime expression for the first automatic refresh time.



Specify a datetime expression for calculating the interval between automatic refreshes.