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Data Pump for Oracle

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EMS Data Pump for Oracle

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Version history


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Release date

Data Pump for Oracle for Oracle

Version 3.1

June 20, 2011

Data Pump 2009 for Oracle


February 17, 2009

Data Pump 2006 for Oracle


February 21, 2007

Data Pump 2006 for Oracle


June 26, 2006



Full version history is available at http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/oracle/datapump/news



     Version 3.1


  • Added the possibility to transfer objects descriptions, if they are supported by provider.
  • It is now possible to transfer views/queries data.
  • Added the possibility to refresh the objects tree of source database.
  • Now when importing data, foreign keys are disabled and recreated automatically.
  • Support of the latest Server versions is implemented.
  • Some other improvements and bugfixes.



Version 3.0


  • Implemented Unicode data support
  • Source DBMS schemas support has been implemented
  • Added an option allowing one to enable/disable refreshing of source objects on connection
  • Added an option specifying whether all source tables are selected by default at Step 3
  • Quoting identifiers for the source database can be customized at Step 4 now
  • Pumping BLOB fields using ODBC drivers v5.1 for MySQL was not possible. Fixed now
  • Latest versions of target Oracle DBMS are supported
  • Improved schema support for target database
  • It is now possible to clear tables before importing data
  • It is now possible to generate DROP TABLE statements
  • Implemented support of Windows authentication for Oracle
  • The wizard window is now resizable
  • The possibility to restart the wizard is added at the last step
  • It is now possible to specify the wizard step that will be opened after loading a template
  • It is now possible to start data import after loading a template
  • Implemented password encryption in templates and registry
  • A number of minor bug-fixes and visual improvements

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Version 2.2


  • It is now possible to enforce quoting for object names in the result script for data import automatically (when applied to "unrecognized" OLE DB/ODBC providers)
  • Implemented Private Key support for SSH authentication
  • Added the ability to specify the default schema for tables import
  • Added French and German interface localizations for the utility
  • A number of minor bug-fixes and visual improvements

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Version 2.1


  • Two types of template formats have been implemented: the fixed one which points to a certain list of objects to be transferred, and the dynamic one which defines only excluded objects; the objects out of this list are to be transferred. Template files of old format are still supported
  • Added the opportunity to connect through the SSH tunnel
  • Now the console version returns the error code (0 - successful termination, 1 - critical error, 2 – non-critical error)

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