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Print Setup dialog

The Print Setup dialog of Visual Database Designer provides two tabs for setting printing options: Printer and Page options.


The Printer tab of the Print Setup dialog allows you to:

  • specify the printer (use the Choose printer button to select a printer which is not set by default on your system; the name, driver, port fields display the selected printer details);
  • specify print layout: print using a defined scale factor or arrange diagram at a defined number of pages horizontally and vertically;
  • set other print options.


Database tools - VDBD - Print Setup - Printer



The Page options tab of the Print Setup dialog allows you to:

  • specify page margins (in millimeters): Top margin, Bottom margin, Left margin, Right margin;
  • specify Page header and Page footer: enter the header/footer running titles text, set left/center/right align.


Database tools - VDBD - Print Setup - Page options



Hint: It is also possible to set macros in the Page header and Page footer fields:

#PCOUNT stands for the quantity of pages;

#PAGE - the number of the current page;

#DATE denotes the current date;

#TIME denotes the current time.



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