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SQL Manager for MySQL

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Database/Server Objects Management

SQL Manager for MySQL provides powerful tools to manage database objects.


To obtain detailed information concerning MySQL database objects, refer to the official MySQL server documentation.


Note: Before working with database objects in SQL Manager for MySQL you should connect to the database first.



Creating Database Objects


To create a database object:

  • select the Database | New Object... main menu item;
  • select the type of object within the New Object dialog;
  • follow the steps of the wizard which guides you through the entire process of creating the object, or set the object properties using its editor - depending on the selected object type.

Note that you can also create a database object by selecting the appropriate context menu item of the DB Explorer tree or using the Ctrl+N shortcut.



Editing Database Objects


To edit a database object:

  • select the database object in the DB Explorer tree;
  • right-click the object to call its context menu and select the Edit <object type> <object name> context menu item, or double-click the object to open it in its editor.


Renaming Database Objects


To rename a database object:

  • select the object to rename in the DB Explorer tree;
  • right-click the object and select the Rename <object type> <object name>... item from the context menu;
  • edit the object name using the Rename Object... dialog.

Note: This operation is possible for all objects except for scheduled events.



Dropping Database Objects


To drop a database object:

  • select the database object in the DB Explorer tree;
  • right-click the object to call its context menu and select the Drop <object type> <object name> context menu item;
  • confirm dropping in the dialog window.


When using an object editor, you can benefit from tabs. To switch between tab views, click on their respective tabs at the top of the main editor window. You can do it at any time, since the tab views are absolutely independent.


To compile a newly created or edited object, you can use the iconCompile Compile item available within the Navigation bar or Toolbar of the object editor.


Note: If more convenient, you can also use the following shortcuts:

Ctrl+N to create a new object;

Ctrl+O to edit the selected object;

Ctrl+R to rename the object;

Shift+Del to drop the object from the database.



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