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SQL Manager for MySQL

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Backup Tables

Backup Tables Wizard allows you to make a copy of all the table files to a local backup directory.


Currently MySQL supports backup only for tables of MyISAM storage engine. The service copies *.frm (definition) and *.myd (data) files. The index file can be rebuilt from those two. The copied table is locked with a read lock during the backup process.


Note: This tool is not accessible for MySQL 5.5 and higher.


Note: You cannot backup tables on a remote server; backup works only for local databases. To backup tables from a remote server, you can use Extract Database, and then restore them using SQL Script Editor.


To run the wizard, select the Services | iconBackupTables Backup Tables... main menu item.







Full version (for Windows)


Lite version (for Windows)


Note: To compare all features of the Full and the Lite versions of SQL Manager, refer to the Feature Matrix page.



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