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SQL Backup for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

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The General section allows you to view and edit the set of tasks with corresponding schedules.



Policy Editor - General


AddTask Create New Task

Use this button to create a new task. The Ins key can be used as well.


CreateTaskFromTemplate Create Task from Template

If you create a task from a pre-saved template you need to pick a template for this object in the opened dialog.


EditTask Edit Task

You can use this button or double-click the task to change its settings.


DeletePolicyTask Delete Task

Click this button to remove the task from the list. The Delete key can be used as well.


CopyToTemplates Copy to Templates

Press this button to create a template with the same options as the selected object.


Use the following buttons for quick copying and moving tasks within the policy:

Copy - copy the selected object,

Paste - paste the copied/cut object.