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EMS Data Pump for InterBase/Firebird

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Data Pump utilities 1.6 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MySQL Data Pump, PostgreSQL Data Pump, MS SQL Data Pump, InterBase/Firebird Data Pump, and DB2 Data Pump utilities. You can download the newest versions from the proper download pages.

What's new in Data Pump 1.6?

  1. MySQL 5.0.1 support.
  2. PostgreSQL 8 support.
  3. Fixed bug when converting DATETIME fields in PostgreSQL version.
  4. In some cases there arose an error "Floating point division by zero" when exporting data. Fixed now.
  5. Corrected the maximal length of identifiers for DB2: 128 for table names, 30 - for fields and 18 for index (instead of 18 for all).
  6. In case of reading TEXT type fields through MySQL ODBC Driver they were empty. Fixed now.
  7. Some minor visual improvements and bugfixes.