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Data Import for IB/FB

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EMS Data Import for InterBase/Firebird

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CheckBox Confirmation on exit

Enables/disables confirmation upon exiting the program.


CheckBox Skip intermediate steps

This option determines the behavior of the Next and Back buttons. When this option is disabled, clicking the Next button leads to sequential passing through the list of imported objects. When this option is enabled, the steps checked in the Skipped steps group will be skipped.


CheckBox Key columns reminder

Use this option to enable/disable prompts to define key columns.


Preferences - General



CheckBox Remember password

Setting this option allows you to save passwords used for access to the databases automatically upon closing the application. Please note that checking this option saves the latest password used for connection to the database (including the SSH server password).


CheckBox Show field types

Hides/displays field type description in the field list.


CheckBox Show number of created tables

Use this option to allow/disallow appearance of the correspondent information window.


CheckBox Show number of mapped columns

Displays the number of mapped fields on proceeding to Step 3.


CheckBox Use first row as caption fields

Enable this option to use first rows as captions when mapping fields.


Analyse N rows

Define the amount of rows used for source data analysis before table creation. This analysis allows the program to define the destination table field type.


CheckBox Import to Views

By setting this option on you can import data to views - they will appear in the list of available tables at the Step 2 of Wizard Application.


CheckBox Keep options at steps

If this option is checked all your import settings will remain the same the next time the program is started.


CheckBox Allow script execution

If this option is checked then the script entered on the Step 5 is always executed.


Skipped Steps

Use this option group to define the Wizard application steps to be skipped.



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