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MySQL Enterprise released

LONDON & CUPERTINO, Calif. -- October 17, 2006 -- MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced 'MySQL Enterprise', a new version of its flagship commercial subscription service that includes new automated, proactive technology to help corporate users monitor and tune their production MySQL database systems.

The announcement was made this morning in London, where the company is holding its second annual Northern European Customer Conference for over 100 corporate attendees.

"Administering MySQL databases should be as easy and affordable as developing MySQL databases," said Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL AB. "MySQL Enterprise provides everything that a company needs to manage and maintain high-performance, highly-reliable applications: software, services and support. The new innovative monitoring and advisory services act as a helpful MySQL DBA assistant -- whether you are a fast-growing Web 2.0 start-up or a corporate IT department with hundreds of scaled-out servers."

According to Forrester Research, an independent analyst firm, "Automation of database administration (DBA) functions can help reduce complexity, minimize human errors, improve overall productivity, and lower costs. Forrester estimates that enterprises can typically save 15% or more in costs by way of reduced administration efforts." Additionally, "Enterprises can typically save 20% or more with an open source database, by way of reduced DBMS maintenance costs and lower acquisition costs of new licenses."

MySQL Enterprise helps address many of the tasks and challenges that Forrester identifies as the typical daily workload of an operational DBA -- including database performance and tuning, troubleshooting, security planning, upgrade/patch installation, migration and scripting/coding.(2)

MySQL Enterprise

MySQL Enterprise is available as an annual subscription in four different tiers (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum), tailored to organizations' differing sizes and needs. The high-end MySQL Enterprise Platinum-level service contains all these premium components:

  • MySQL Enterprise Server Software – the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of the world's most popular open source database. MySQL Enterprise subscribers now receive monthly software updates, quarterly service packs, and emergency hot fix builds, as well as a customizable MySQL Install and Configuration Wizard for a wide range of popular platforms.

  • MySQL Network Monitoring & Advisory Services – A new dynamically-delivered subscription offering for MySQL customers. MySQL Network continuously monitors a user's database servers, alerting them to -- and helping them solve -- potential problems before they can impact critical applications. It includes over 65 expert Advisor Rules in important areas such as database security, performance optimization, schema design, DBA best practices, and master/slave replication. MySQL AB will deliver new rules in the future, and users can create and customize their own.

  • Premier Enterprise-class Production Support – Addressing the concerns of many IT organizations using open source technology, MySQL AB provides 24x7 telephone and Web support directly from the developers of MySQL software. All MySQL Enterprise users also receive access to the MySQL Knowledge Base, an online centralized library of nearly 2,000 helpful technical articles written by MySQL's own developers and support staff.

"The new DBA advisory services in MySQL Enterprise offer invaluable assistance by suggesting performance tuning tips and warning about potential security issues before they become real problems," said Jay Christner, IT Manager at SecurePipe, Inc. "We look forward to deploying it on all of our MySQL servers to maximize database productivity and extend the cost-effectiveness of MySQL."

For more information about MySQL Enterprise, please visit http://www.mysql.com/enterprise.