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Nachrichten aus der SQL-Welt

MySQL Nachrichten

MySQL 5.0.7-beta released and Beta Challenge announced.

To assist the MySQL 5.0 QA process, MySQL Development Team is looking for as many users as possible to test 5.0 in general, and specifically key features such as stored procedures, views, triggers. See this article for details.

There will be cool MySQL goodies (T-shirts, mugs, books) for users who are the most helpful either directly with 5.0 testing, or indirectly by informing other users about 5.0. For instance:

  • The best or most (5.0 feature related) bug reports at bugs.mysql.com
  • The most helpful people on related MySQL forums at forums.mysql.com
  • The best MySQL 5.0 related articles (magazine or online) or dedicated web site.
  • The most informational/inspiring blog entries on MySQL 5.0 topics.

A new version of MySQL Community Edition 5.0.7-beta Open Source database management system has been released. This version now includes support for Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views and many other features. It is now available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/ and mirror sites.

NOTE: This Beta release, as any other pre-production release, should not be installed on ``production'' level systems or systems with critical data. It is good practice to back up your data before installing any new version of software. Although MySQL has done its best to ensure a high level of quality, protect your data by making a backup as you would for any software beta release.

Please refer to the bug database at http://bugs.mysql.com/ for more details about the individual open and resolved bugs in this version.

Changes in release 5.0.7:

Functionality added or changed:

  • Placeholders now can be used for LIMIT in prepared statements.
  • SHOW BINARY LOGS now displays a File_size column that indicates the size of each file.
  • Improved the optimizer to be able to use indexes for expressions of the form indexed_col NOT IN (val1, val2, ...) and indexed_col NOT BETWEEN val1 AND val2..

Bugs fixed:

  • Using ORDER BY to sort the results of an IF() that contained a FROM_UNIXTIME() expression returned incorrect results due to integer overflow.
  • Fixed a server crash resulting from accessing InnoDB tables within stored functions. This is handled by prohibiting statements that do an explicit or explicit commit or rollback within stored functions or triggers.
  • Fixed a server crash resulting from the second invocation of a stored procedure that selected from a view defined as a join that used ON in the join conditions.
  • Using ALTER TABLE for a table that had a trigger caused a crash when executing a statement that activated the trigger, and also a crash later with USE db_name for the database containing the table.
  • Fixed a server crash resulting from an attempt to allocate too much memory when GROUP BY blob_col and COUNT(DISTINCT) were used.

And many more...

Source: dev.mysql.com