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Firebird 2.0 Release Candidate 5

Firebird 2.0 Release Candidate 5 is currently being released. It will take at least a day or two for all the various kits to become available via the Sourceforge mirrors.

  1. This version of Firebird 2 (Release Candidate 5) is close to being production-ready. Bugs fixed since RC4 are listed at the end of the Bug Fixes section in the bundled release notes.
  2. This version of Firebird 2 is expected to be the final "gold beta" version, meant for field testing, and nearly ready for production systems.
  3. Please read the "General Notes" and "Security" sections of the bundled release notes carefully before you install this release candidate.
  4. Bugs, Problems etc can be posted to the Field Test bug tracker or to the Firebird Development List.

This release contains a large number of new features, including derived tables, support for Execute Block, increased table sizes, new improved index code (the 252-byte index length limit is no longer applicable), expression indices, numerous optimiser improvements, enhanced security features, support for on-line incremental backups along with numerous other improvements and bug fixes. Please read the Release Notes for more details. Feedback, input and comments re this release will be appreciated, as they will help to speed up the cycle for the full Firebird 2.0 release.

Source: http://www.ibphoenix.com